We Design, Install, Maintain, and Inspect Commercial playgrounds and Backyard swing sets ,made from Metal, Wood or Plastic. We sell new replacement parts that we can install and also to the customer that wants to do the work themselves.

PJ's Playgrounds LLC is an owner operated Business with more than 35 years of experience in Designing Fun, Safe and Expanding Play areas for both Commercial and Residential Play Environments that meet the guidelines set up by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, And can build structures to meet your needs and your ideas.

We are committed to you.
We want to help you have a great experience in designing your play areas. Our 35 years of experience can be put to work for you. I have not seen an instance yet where if we were called in on a job in the design stage , that we did not see something that saved a client more money than what we charged to consult with them.

We specialize both in Commercial and Residential play structures.

We recommend that a resilient ground surface material be used in all playgrounds that meets Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines.

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Telephone:   623-465-7119

Postal address:  204 E. Mano Dr. New River Az. 85087
Electronic mail:  Information, sales and support: doug@pjsplaygrounds.com

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PJ's Playgrounds LLC
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Ages 5-12 Years Old