Pour in place rubber is a great way of giving your playground a clean and safe surface in which to fall on. Shredded rubber from old tires is more or less glued together to create a cushion for anyone to fall on. By optimizing  the size,shape,and quality of the rubber pieces, we have dramatically increased the binder (glue) content without compromising the shock absorbency. A much higher content of the strongest binder* in the business results in a shock layer that is far stronger than the old pour in place underlayment. * Tensile Strength 6600 PSI. Elongation 600%.
However even the strongest binder will breakdown when exposed to the UV  sunlight. So then we provide additional strength and durability by saturating the porous of the shock layer with a brightly colored liquid rubber polymer. The liquid rubber fills the voids and solidifies to form a solid rubber layer that is much more flexible than the old EPDM top layer.
But more importantly, the liquid rubber provides an excellent UV protection. It will never fade to black like rubber tiles do. And the underlying binder is never  exposed to the UV which dramatically increases the overall life of this product.
The cost depends on what your fall height is (how far someone might fall from) It starts at $8.00 per square foot and goes up to $14.00  for a 12ft fall height.

Engineered  Woodfiber are pieces of wood that are tumbled and screen to a specific size. And when installed properly make up a good groundcover for a safe fall material. It is a loose fill material so it does move around some and does break down over time and heavy use. It is installed 9 inches deep to meet C.P.S.C. guidelines and the cost  is $2.00 to $3.00 per square foot. Plus delivery.
We only sell woodfiber that is certified for playgrounds and is something you should ask for when purchasing it from others.
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