This check list is from the Consumer Product Safety Guidlines can be used for your quarterly inspections, you may need to inspect your structures more often if your play structures receive heavy use: Safety Inspection Sheet

One of the goals of a safety inspection is to help detect and prioritize any worn, loose,cracked or broken parts on your equipment and to help you keep your equipment in good working condition so that it is safe for your children to play on. Not all parts need to brake before they become a safety hazard.  You need to also inspect your safe fall material for the recommended depth. If you have any repairs needed on your play structure you may have them scheduled for the proper repairs.

A safety audit is somewhat like a safety inspection, in that the equipment is inspected for worn, loose,cracked or broken parts and it is also checked with gauges and measuring tools to find out if the equipment itself as well as the layout and placement of the equipment meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines for playgrounds and the American Society for Testing Materials. This is a much more in depth inspection and should only be done by a trained safety inspector.
A safety audit should be performed along with your first safety inspection, when you have any major repairs done, and when any  new standards.or guidelines are published. Some states also pass laws on playground equipment so this may also be a time to have a safety audit performed on your equipment.

Dirty Dozen Playground Hazards

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