Certified Playground Inspector
Our on-staff Certified Playground Safety Inspector with more than 27 years experience in the playground industry can help you with your...

Accreditation Requirements

    Many Accreditation programs require that your equipment be inspected by a certified playground safety inspector, we can help you with that. The prices range depending on how much equipment there is to inspect. The average price is  $200.00- $400.00 (this depends on the size of the equipment).

Full Playground Audits

     Each  playground is listed on the audit, then each piece of equipment on that playground is listed, inspected. If any parts are found not  meeting the Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines for playground safety they will be noted and then give a  priority as to how quickly it should be repaired. We can also give you an estimate on any repairs if needed.
We can come and inspect your playgrounds and write up a full set of forms so that you can have your own staff personnel do your monthly inspections. 

Quarterly Inspections

   Some institutions have us come in once a quarter roto-till their ground cover and inspect their equipment to help ensure their exsisting equipment is in current safe working condition (this inspection does not use the extensive CPSC guidelines), then give any repair estimates if needed.

Job Completion Inspections

   It is a good idea to have your new equipment inspected just after it is installed to make sure everything was installed correctly. For an added  cost of approximately $150.00,  it can help make sure that the job performed gets off to a great and safe start. For example, it is very difficult 5 years later or after an accident to go back and find out one piece of equipment was installed 6 inches too close to another.

Staff Playground Safety Training

   We can come to your location and give your staff a 2 hour training session. We cover things like playground supervision, dangers on the playgrounds, and we go over some of the accident statistics. Knowing where most accidents happen on a playground helps the care givers know where some extra attention needs to be given. We then go out on the playground  and do some hands on inspecting to see if they can find some of the props we setup. Oh and by the way, did I mention we go over playground supervision?

 Damage Inspections

    Vandalism, Weather, or Whatever the reason, give us a call we will come out and inspect the equipment and give you an estimate on the repairs.
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