Warranty Information
Warranty varies based on component type. Not all component types listed below.
100 years Steel Support Posts, Hardware, Clamps, and Post Caps
15 years Metal Support Materials and Decks
15 years Roto-Molded and HDPE Plastic Components
5 years Cables and Nets
5 years Moving Parts
3 years Blow Plastic Components
1 year All Products Not Listed Above

Request a written copy for all limitations (not listed here).
 Warranty is offered by the manufacturer of the of the play equipment. NOT by PJ's Playgrounds
All labor preformed by PJ's is warrantied for 1 year.
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Note: * Requests for Warranty work must be accompanied by a copy of the original “paid in full” invoice
          * Warranties apply to original owner only
PJ’s Playgrounds recommends daily inspection of all playground equipment. This inspection should include but not limited to the following items:
1.Check all hardware for tightness and wear. Lubricate all bearings and joints as necessary and tightening all loose hardware to ensure proper wear and stability. 
2.Checking all components for abnormal wear and / or deterioration.

      PJ’s Playgrounds offers full servicing, maintenance care and parts for its own line and other lines of playground equipment. For further information call 623-465-7119

Contact Information

Telephone:   623-465-7119

Postal address:  204 E. Mano Dr. New River Az. 85087
Electronic mail:  Information, sales and support: doug@pjsplaygrounds.com